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"This duo is simply FANTASTIC !!!. I did not imagine that the union of these two instruments would result in such a wonderful duet. They are two great musicians and for that reason this incredible result. Congratulations to both and I wish the duo much success.”


Edson Lopes - Brazilian classical guitarist, composer, and arranger

How are you both so awesome????

Dr. Jose Valentino - Award winning (Grammy, Emmy, etc...) composer, performer, producer, and educator

"WoW!!! Thank you for a fabulous concert, just what I needed...  I have performed the Entracte' many a time w/flute and I must say with Randy's trumpet wizardry, the best I've ever heard!... I love Heitor's piece... hauntingly beautiful... Thank you both for your artistry..."

Gary Piazza - Musician and educator

"What a wonderful concert we had the pleasure of experiencing in Lomma last night. Unusual constellation with guitar and trumpet but completely magical with these wonderful and incredibly skilled musicians." 


Kulturskolan Lomma kommun, Sweden

"Wow this is powerful!"

Matt Wardell - Director of the Ocala Symhpony and Rilley Arts Center

"You guys sound so wonderful. Thanks for sharing your music with us."

Adrian Holton- Music Director and Principal conductor at The National Concert Band of America

"Words can’t describe how much it means to have this very beautiful music."

Patty Hall - Ocala, FL

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